Life Landfill Biofuel Project

Sustainable reuse of urban waste to use as fuel in transport
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gotas economía circular

Circular economy

hojas menos emisiones

Less emissions

Cost-effective solution to obtain biomethane and its use as fuel in vehicles.

Biomethane is a clean fuel obtained from biogas.
Biogas is produced by the process of anaerobic
digestion of organic matter such us organic
waste, manure, sewage, agricultural waste, etc. To
generate biomethane, the biogas is cleaned in a
process called upgrading. The result is a carbon
neutral fuel.

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In The European Union there are more than half a million landfills that will only accommodate 10% of municipal waste from 2035

The problem

The solution

transición hojas

The development of projects to obtain biomethane from waste is an opportunity to boost the circular economy and transform waste into a resource that collaterally will reduce road transport emissions.

The solution

Pollutant reduction
NOx 99.9%
Volatile organic compounds 99.4%
Particulate matter 99.8%
SO2 99.8%

CO2 emission reduction

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A renewable fuel that is considered neutral in CO2 emissions.


We have defined some objectives to be developed among all partners.




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If you are willing to participate, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Life Landfill Biofuel: reuse of urban waste to use as fuel in transport

The European Commission has approved the development of the Life Landfill Biofuel project with a global budget of 4.67 million euros, of which it finances 55%, which will transform landfill biogas into biomethane.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the
technical performance of a cost-effective
solution for obtaining landfill biomethane for
use in transport. The project will be developed
in Granada.

The obtained biomethane, around 1,584,000
m³/year, will be used as fuel in a waste transport
IVECO truck and a light vehicle, property of FCC- and several 
passenger cars. The Project will last four years
and, once this period ends, it will be replicated
in other FCC landfills in Europe.

Life Landfill Biofuel has a consortium of six
companies from Spain and Portugal.
FCC leads the Project. CARTIF Foundation and
SYSADVANCE participate as technology and
service providers. GASNAM, Iberian association
of natural and renewable gas for mobility, and
the UNIVERSITY OF GRANADA is responsable
for the market knowledge and the project
promotion. IVECO participates as
vehicle manufacturer.