The project

The aim of the Project is to demostrate the technical performance of cost-efectiva solutionfor obtaining biomethane and its use as fuel in vehicles.

The obtained biomethane will be used in a waste collection IVECO truck -property of FCC -and in a van. The Project will last four years and, once this period is over, it will be replicated in other FCC landfills in Europe.

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This new valorisation methodology will produce an alternative biofuel (1,584,000 m³/year of biomethane) from a ground-breaking sustainable source at pre-industrial scale ,will have an input of biogas extracted from the landfill of 378 m³/h– 1/4 of an industrial scale producing an output of 200 m³/h of biomethane.

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The process consists  in capturing the emissions produced during the decomposition oforganic matter, and that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere.

The biogas generated is subjected to a purification process, and is transformed intobiomethane  used as fuel in vehicles neutralizing CO2 emissions and reducing practically allthe emissions that affect the air quality.

Landfills in the European Union

Municipal waste from 2035


In The European Union there are more than half a million landfills that will only accommodate 10% of municipal waste from 2035, as dictated by the new Waste Directive that entered into force in 2020. The development of projects to obtain biomethane from waste is an opportunity to boost the circular economy and convert waste into a resource that collaterally will reduce road transport emissions.