Partners and stakeholders


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CARTIF will help SYSADVANCE in the design of the pilot plant (conceptual design,
optimization of operating parameters, scale-up protocols), and will define and analyse the biomethane composition according to EU quality standards.

FCC Medio Ambiente

The FCC group, a world leader in Environmental Services, Water Management and Infrastructures, has been delivering Services to Cities for more than 120 years and is present in over 30 countries, with 59,000 people and 6 billion euro turnover. FCC Environment provides environmental services to 60 million people in over 5,000 municipalities. From waste management and recycling to every municipal service, it processes annually 23.5 million tonnes of waste as a resource at nearly 200 sustainable facilities, recovering 3.2 million tonnes of recyclables and 360MW of non-fossil power. Innovation is in the DNA of FCC Environment, committed to reaching the UN’s Agenda 2030 SDG by means of developing e-mobility and boosting the society to transform towards a Circular Economy model.

Apart from LANDFILL BIOFUEL FCC Environment participates in other 10 circular economy and bioeconomy innovation projects in waste management:

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It is the association that promotes the use of natural gas and renewable gas in mobility. It has partners from multiple sectors such as energy, automotive, engineering, freight and passenger transport, ports, shipping companies, shipyards, universities and administrations, among others.

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IVECO is a recognized EU leader in natural gas research and the sale of NGV, including trucks, vans and buses for various types of missions, especially urban operations.

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As provider of biogas technology solutions, SYSADVANCE will design the pilot plant for VPSA upgrading technology to enrich the biomethane in order to meet the quality standards require for its use as fuel for vehicles.

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UGR will be responsible for the quality characterization of the biogas extracted from current wells, together with the waste composition. It will be also in charge


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Synergies and collaborations


If you are willing to participate, please, do not hesitate to contact us.