El Periódico Mediterráneo “Jaime Ezquerra (FCC): With landfills waste, clean fuel can be generated for transportation, homes and companies”

Jaime Ezquerra, R + D + i project technician – Waste treatment at FCC Medio Ambiente, gave a presentation on the LIFE Landfill Biogas project at the II Ecoforum that was held in Castellón on the 17th and 18th of November under the title ‘The circular economy, key in the fight against global warming’. El Periódico Mediterráneo has published a story about it that begins as follows:

“From Garbage to Enriched Fuel for Transportation, Homes and Businesses”. It is already a possible challenge, thanks to a European project led by FCC in a controlled ‘pilot’ landfill, close to Granada. The manager of R + D + i waste treatment projects at FCC Medio Ambiente, Jaime Ezquerra, has told the auditorium of the Mediterranean Ecoforum that it is one more action of the necessary circular economy, framed in the initiative ‘Life Landfill Biofuel. Upgrading ‘, based on the use of biogas from a waste dump for its application as biomethane for fuels; and another possible application is its injection into the gas network that reaches homes and companies. “.

You can read the full story here. You can see the conference here.