LIFE Methamorphosis final event will take place on 29th September through an online seminar. During the webinar, not only the project results and milestones achieved will be shown but also, relevant presentations related to innovation around the recovery of waste, energy and water treatment. LIFE Methamorphosis is a project co-financed by the European Commission through LIFE Programme. The project consortium is formed by different international companies and public entities: Aqualia (coordinator), FCC Environment, Naturgy, SEAT, Catalan Institute of Energy and Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. The objective is to recover the biogas from the treatment of municipal and agro-industrial biowaste, in order to obtain quality biomethane to be used as fuel in vehicles and injection into the natural gas network. At the same time, it aims to energetically optimize the wastewater treatment process of a mechanical-biological waste treatment facility through innovative systems. Please confirm the attendance: